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Currently recruiting new members!

The Vaccine & Infectious Diseases Advisory Group (formerly the Infectious Diseases Community Reference Group) was established at the Telethon Kids Institute in 2007 to inform the wider community about infectious disease research and for community members to provide valuable input. The Vaccine & Infectious Diseases Advisory Group is now part of the Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines & Infectious Diseases.

Most of the Centre's infectious diseases work focuses on:

  • ear health and lung infections in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children
  • skin infections and rheumatic heart disease in Aboriginal children
  • approaches to improve parents' knowledge of childhood vaccinations
  • better ways to monitor and improve the safety and efficacy of childhood vaccines
  • studies on the safety and efficacy to vaccinate in pregnancy to prevent serious maternal and early childhood infections.

The Vaccine & Infectious Diseases Advisory Group provides a vital community perspective and guides development on infectious disease research at the Centre.

We are currently recruiting for 2 – 3 community members who would like to help reduce the burden of childhood infectious diseases and contribute to our mission of happy healthy kids.

Click here for more information about what's involved, or contact Jacqui via