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Val Swift with some kids at a playground

Wesfarmers Ltd have supported the Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases for the past 10 years. This investment has enabled the Centre to secure a further $119 million in competitive research funds and establish the Centre as a national leader in paediatric infectious disease and vaccine research.

The Centre’s success over the past decade has resulted from several strategic initiatives, including the Centre’s seed funding scheme that provides funds to explore new methodologies, demonstrate proof of concept and feasibility, build capacity, and instil collaboration and community engagement across the Centre.

These initiatives have resulted in a collaborative, multidisciplinary Centre that provides a highly productive environment to translate our research into real-life changes to reduce the burden of infectious diseases and enable families to thrive. 

Now with 10 years of important research completed, the Wesfarmers Centre looks forward to making even greater strides in infectious disease prevention and vaccine research and mitigating the health gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children.

To learn more about the Wesfarmers Centre’s journey over the last decade, watch the 10-Year Anniversary video below. The video features Centre Directors – past and present – who take a trip down memory lane and discuss the Centre’s achievements.

For a more detailed glance into individual and team research journeys, view the 10-Year Report below.